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Online Photo Sharing Tool

Published 06/01/2012 and rated Ratingstars4 4 out of 5 stars
by Shel Gatto
What can you use the app for? is a simple photo sharing tool. Users can easily upload images from the homepage. The application supports a convenient drag and drop system so users don’t have to search for files using an uploader. Users can view a list of their added files with all successfully added files in blue and problem files displayed in red. The selected image appears at the center of the page as well as a thumbnail along the left side. The application provides users with a simple URL that can be shared by email or posted on forums, websites or elsewhere. Desktop notification options are available that let users receive alerts or turn them off completely. screenshot
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What is the history and popularity of the app? was created to give internet users a simple way to upload and share photos on the web. The service isn’t hugely popular but has earned some attention from blogs and review websites. The main appeal is the simplicity offered by The process can take a matter of seconds. has been featured on numerous tech blogs and similar sites.

What are the differences to other apps?

Internet users who want to share images have many options to work with on the web today. is yet another option, but one that comes with a lot of appeal. The service is watered down. Users won’t find extravagant features and extras built in. What they will find is an extremely convenient image uploader that provides instant access to a sharing link. can save users time and let them share images anywhere on the internet.

Alternative Apps
How does the web app look and feel to use? is plain in terms of color, but rich in personality. The site manages to make an impression with minimal fanfare. A solid white background keeps all the attention fixed on the user’s image collection. A few small instructions with arrows are tucked into the upper corners in an appealing hand drawn font. Anyone can easily learn how to use in a matter of seconds.

How does the registration process work? is convenient in every way, including the registration process. Any visitor can become a user simply by utilizing the service. There is no formal registration form and the user doesn’t have to offer up any personal data to use the application. New users can dive right in by dragging and dropping an image onto the space indicated on the homepage. The application automatically uploads the image and provides the user with a link to share.

What does it cost to use the application? is available to everyone for free. There are no subscription fees and no purchases required. The application doesn’t force advertisements on the user, either. The service is appealing, but may be a bit limited depending on the user’s needs. Visitors can immediately begin uploading images without providing any personal information. The cost free access is appealing and stays in line with the number of features the user receives access to.

Who would you recommend the application to? is a helpful resource for anyone who wants to share an image quickly online. It is best suited to users who share one or two images every now and again. The service doesn’t come with any fancy extras. It is not recommended for professional users. Casual users, on the other hand, will find everything they need wrapped up in minimal packaging.

  • Drag and drop uploader lets users instantly add images
  • Problem uploads are displayed in red
  • Desktop notifications can be toggled on and off
  • Short URL can be used to share images anywhere
  • Multiple images can be added

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